You may like to consider an IVA-this is a formal agreement between you and your creditors. We at My Payment Plan can offer straightforward advice on whether or not an IVA is appropriate for you.
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Bankruptcy is a legal procedure which allows an individual to clear their unsecured debts once they are released from their bankruptcy after 12 months from the date of their bankruptcy.
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Debt Management

You may be considering a Debt Management Plan also known as a DMP as it will let you pay one affordable monthly repayment and in many cases interest and charges will be frozen although this cannot be guaranteed
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Full and Final

A Full and Final settlement in its most simplistic terms is a sum of money negotiated between two parties, where a debt is owed, settled in one payment, as a lump sum, for less than 100% of the total debt.
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Our Mission 

My Payment Plan’s sole purpose is to change as many lives as possible by taking our respected clients to the summit of a debt free future by seeking to clear the path of stress and worry that precede it.


There are many reasons why you and millions of others are facing financial difficulties at present. Whatever issues you have today, is a result of past events. This will only have the same effect on your future unless you decide to take a leap of faith and commit to a change in direction.

We are here to serve you with compassion and empathy. We are a  highly skilled, respected and proven provider of solutions that will change your life. We have no bias to any solution and we will advise you with transparency on all the options which may be appropriate for you. We shall explain the benefits, any risks and when precisely you will become debt free – which has to be the purpose of your change in direction.

Who we are

My Payment Plan is a consumer debt advice company who prides itself on providing free debt advice to people who need help and advice with their current financial situation.

Additional help and advice

Consumers in England and Wales may also wish to consult the Insolvency Service’s debtor guide – In debt? Dealing with your creditors… Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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