Step 3

Step 3

By this point, you will have spoken to a member of our staff or one of the partners depending on your circumstances.

Unlike the vast majority of insolvency (debt) providers, you will now be provided with a face to face consultation at either our office, your home or a place of convenience for you. There will be NO CHARGE for this. Your problem may not require it, which if so, is a positive.

By the end of our meeting, you will be clear on what your options are, what the costs are and what happens next.

You will then receive our recommendations in writing and you will be left with all the necessary ingredients to make the right choice for you.

Unlike other providers, you will not be bombarded with calls, texts and emails from us chasing a decision. You make the move when and how you want to.

Phone for free advice on 0114 327 8692

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