Fee Structure



There are two main costs to a DMP. There is a set-up fee and a monthly management fee for administering your plan.

The set-up fee is 50% of your first six monthly payments from a minimum total cost of £240 up to a maximum total cost of £1,400. The monthly fee payable, once the set-up fee is paid, is £38.

The payments made to your debt management plan will be sent to your creditors each month after the deduction of our monthly fee. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you if your monthly contribution is lower than £80 per month.

If you are paid weekly you can choose to make weekly rather than monthly payments. In the case of weekly payments your funds will be held to accumulate the equivalent of a single monthly payment and distributed to your creditors within five working days of an amount being available that equals or exceeds the monthly payment agreed in your plan.

For more information about how we handle your money, please see our DMP Terms and Conditions.


Initial Fee

If you wish us to negotiate with your creditors in order that you can settle your debts with reduced balances, we will charge you an initial fee for setting up the negotiation and to cover our costs for collecting information in relation to your circumstances and initial creditor contract, should you decide to take this option.

The initial fee is dependent on the number of creditors you have and is calculated as follows:

1 – 4 creditors      £500

5 – 9 creditors     £1000

10+ creditors        £1500

Settlement Fee

In addition, we will charge you a settlement fee. This fee is payable for our Services in negotiating with your creditors and to cover the cost of administering payment to creditors, dealing with queries from them and providing our professional negotiation services to you.

The fee payable is equivalent to 20% of the amount we save you on your total debts:

Debt Settlement Fee Example

9 creditors

Total debt – £45000

Total settlement amount – £25000

Saving £20,000

Initial fee                               £1000

Settlement fee                        £4000

Total fee                                £5000 


If you wish us to assist you in petitioning for your own bankruptcy, we can assist you in the preparation of your bankruptcy Petition online from information supplied by you and your creditors.  Our fee for this service is detailed below and does not include the Adjudicator fee of £130 or the Bankruptcy deposit fee of £550 which are both payable directly to the Court.

Services Applicable to Single Joint
A Multiple assets £1,500 £2,700
B Homeowners £950 £1,700
C Non-homeowners £650 £1,200
D Hardship Clients – certain benefits**, car less than £1k, non homeowners £350 £650
** JSA either; ESA inc Income Related contribution; Income Support; Incapacity Benefit; Pension Credit, Guaranteed Credit
E Court assistance

(*Joint – must be same day)

£300 *£300
GS General Service – e.g.  Trustee negotiation; personal guarantee negotiation, defending necessary legal action for consumer debt